Russians have a nice saying: "If you want to entertain God, tell him your plans."

For many years my plans have been to contribute to the efforts of many smart colleagues to resolve the longstanding issue of whether or not time flows. I belong to the camp arguing that the perceived flow of time is nothing more than a "stubborn illusion" (as Einstein put it).

Who knows, it might have been really entertaining for God to watch learned humans state with (sometimes "politically incorrect") confidence that time does not flow. In any case, He seems to make his argument that time does pass in an apparently unambiguous way. Now God has made Svetla and I think that we feel that argument quite tangibly by making us grandparents as the picture (of 31 Oct 2016) with our two-day old granddaughter Victoria proves:

Of course, that we grow older does not at all prove that time passes / flows - simply our bodies' worldtubes have different sections (containing younger bodies at the worldtubes' beginnings), which is a separate issue - the arrow of time - that has nothing to do with the issue of time flow. So God could be still entertaining...

A month later:

Even before becoming two months old Victoria encouraged her parents Andrée-Anne and Vesko to go skiing on Mount Sutton (Alt 840 m) on 17 December 2016:

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